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Other Requirements

Diploma candidates must meet three requirements in addition to the six academic subjects.

  • Theory of Knowledge unifies the six subject areas and develops inquiry and critical thinking. Students learn the development of cognition and to identify how and why cultural norms exist.  
  • Creativity, Action, Service requires students to be involved in sports, artistic pursuits, and community service ( 150 hours minimum) with a goal of providing a balance between academic and social life.  
  • The Extended Essay offers an opportunity to investigate a topic of special interest at length and to become familiar with the research and writing skills expected at the university level. It provides for a mentor teacher to assist students in developing this “mini-thesis.”
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The challenging IB curriculum is designed to prepare high school students for the rigor they will face at the university level. The IB Diploma is highly regarded world wide as excellent preparation for college readiness and success.

Six Core Subjects

The IB curriculum is comprised of 6 subject areas in which students are tested, surrounding a unifying core. These core requirements are intended to unify the subject areas and give students ownership of their educational experience.

The 6 core subjects that all students must study are:

  • Language Arts - Language and Literature
  • Second Language - French, Spanish
  • Individuals and Societies - History of the Americas
  • Experimental Sciences - Biology, Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts and Electives - Music, Visual Arts, Sports, Health and Exercise Science (Athletics), Business Management
10 Reasons

10 Reasons Why the IB Diploma Program is ideal preparation for university:

1. It increases academic opportunity

2. IB students care about more than just results

3. It encourages you to become a confident and independent learner

4. It's an international qualification

5. Graduates are globally minded

6. The IB encourages critical thinking

7. DP students have proven time management skills

8. It assesses more than examination techniques

9. Subjects are not taught in isolation

10. It encourages breadth and depth of learning.

SHS Students
SHS Students
IB Programme
IB Teachers
Contact Kerri Banach  Kerri Banach (505) 294-1511 ex: 30224 Computer Graphics / IB Art / Webmaster / Varsity Cheer
Contact Timothy Beck  Timothy Beck (505) 294-1511 ex: 30192 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Kathleen Browning  Kathleen Browning (505) 294-1511 ex: 30131 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Heidi Draper  Heidi Draper (505) 294-1511 ex: 30300 Math Teacher
Contact Valerie Duval  Valerie Duval (505) 294-1511 ex: 30442 Teacher French
Contact Jennifer Eberhart  Jennifer Eberhart (505) 294-1511 ex: 30140 Gifted Teacher
Contact Stacie Greth  Stacie Greth (505) 294-1511 ex: 30324 Science Teacher
Contact Lee Kettig  Lee Kettig (505) 294-1511 ex: 30193 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Derek Maestas  Derek Maestas (505) 294-1511 ex: 30302 Math / IB Diploma Coordinator
Contact Rita Martinez  Rita Martinez (505) 294-1511 ex: 30312 IB Teacher / IB Prep Coordinator
Contact Jason Olona  Jason Olona (505) 294-1511 ex: 30319 Science Teacher
Contact Guadalupe Ortiz  Guadalupe Ortiz (505) 294-1511 ex: 30443 Spanish Teacher
Contact Therese Pacheco  Therese Pacheco (505) 294-1511 ex: 30175 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Gloria Reeves  Gloria Reeves (505) 294-1511 ex: 30152 (Email preferred) English/IB Teacher
Contact Valerie Varoz  Valerie Varoz (505) 294-1511 ex: 30135 Science Teacher
Contact Linda Wilson  Linda Wilson (505) 294-1511 ex: 30136 DECA Teacher