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Varsity Coach:

Megan Holland

Assistant Varsity Coach:

Brenda Baeza

JV Coach:

Dynah Smith

C Team Coach:

Grant Squier

Volleyball Home

 UPDATE!!! (9/15/2020)

Here we go! :)

We have put together a pre-season workout schedule for the week of September 21st - 25th. These workouts are not mandatory, but are beneficial to skill development. There are two sessions available each day(Mon/Wed) and are divided between two groups: returning Sandia players that played volleyball last season, and new/incoming players.  We are still under a 5:1 pod system, so will only be able to host 20 players for each session.  Signing up for a session is on a first come first serve basis.  You MAY NOT sign up for a slot if you have not turned in a completed physical packet. Please click on the sign up button to sign up for a slot. The list of players with completed physicals is included on the button below the sign up button.  

We will be putting out another schedule for the last week of September (9/28 - 10/2)  toward the end of next week.  

The protocol for attending each session includes:

1)Park in pool lot (north east parking lot off of Pennsylvainia and Delwood) No carpooling. Must be wearing a mask (we suggest using a disposable mask, they are lighter and easier to breathe in).

2)Stay in your car until coaches come out to pick up players.  Each player/pod will be assigned a number. Meet and stand (6 feet apart) with your coach that has your matching pod number on sign up sheet. 

3)Complete screening form and temperature checks.  You can start completing the form (click on button to right) in your car while you are waiting, will need to finish the form with your coach, so do not hit submit until your coach checks your form and adds in your temp.  

4)During workouts - players will remain in pods, can share equipment within a pod only.   Cannot use water fountains - bring individual water bottles (we suggest gallon jugs, since you wont be able to fill up/refill water bottles)

5)After workouts - coaches will walk players back to pool parking lot in pods, dismiss to cars.  No hanging out, socializing in parking lots please.


Other important information:

Please click on the "Mandatory Online Form" link below the NMAA returner packet.  Complete the form, take the concussion course, and the life of an athlete course and copy and paste the completion codes in the allotted spaces.  (Completion code for life of an athlete is the long number at the very bottom)

 Please make sure you are getting your physical packets in as soon as possible (more information below).  

GRADES: Student academic eligibility is based on the first 6 weeks grades (9/18). To tryout, student athletes will need to have a 2.5 or higher and NO F's!!!

Virtual workouts:

I will continue to post the workouts from our volleyball athletics class (through google meets on Wed/Fri)  These are a way for girls that are not in the athletics class to stay involved and participate in the workouts at home.  They will be posted below the physical packets on the right hand side.  

As always, I will continue to update you as more information comes in. Please continue to check the website for continuous updates. You can also join our Sandia Volleyball Remind link for updates as well: Send a text to: 81010 with the message @sandiavb.

 Please continue to send in your physical packets so when we do get a green light, we will all be ready to go!


 To keep things contactless we are asking for all forms to be turned in electronically through email BEFORE participating in activity:

Returning players/incoming freshmen that played for an APS school 2019-2020:  You need to complete the "NMAA Returners Packet" (click on NMAA returner packet button on the right of home page). Incoming freshmen also need to provide a copy of an 8th grade physical as well. Please send in BEFORE our start date so you can participate in activity. This will serve as a physical for upcoming 2020-2021 school year. 

Incoming players that did not play or attend an APS school the previous 2019-2020 school year: You need to complete the "New Player Packet" (click on NMAA new player button on the right of the home page) and send in BEFORE our start date so you can participate in activity.  This will serve as a physical for upcoming 2020-2021 school year.  

I will be in touch soon! Any questions feel free to email me:

Take care,  Coach Megan Holland