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Athletic Trainer

Sandia Athletic Trainers Team

These day’s people are more active, more interested, & more educated than ever before in playing sports.  The word “Trainer” is a broad description & can cover many things.  It cannot accurately describe what an “Athletic Trainer” is.  Here are some differences between an Athletic Trainer & a Trainer.

An Athletic Trainer is:

An Athletic Trainer is an expert at recognizing, treating, & preventing musculoskeletal injuries.  ATs meet qualifications set by the Board of Certification, Inc., & adhere to the requirements of a state licensing board.  ATs practice under the direction of a physician & are members of a health care profession recognized by the American Medical Association.

Education/Degrees –

  • Must obtain, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training
  • Must pass a comprehensive exam to earn the ATC credential
  • Must keep their knowledge & skills current by participating in continuing education yearly
  • Must adhere to standards of professional practice set by one national certifying agency & to a national code of ethics

What they do –

  • Prevent, diagnose, treat & rehabilitate injuries (acute & chronic)
  • Provide physical medicine & rehabilitation services
  • Coordinate care w/ physicians & other health care professionals
  • Work in schools, colleges, professional sports, clinics, hospitals, corporations, industry, military, & performing arts

A Trainer is:

A Trainer or Personal Trainer to be more accurate, develops, monitors & changes an individual’s specific exercise program in a fitness or sports setting; some can make nutritional recommendations.  Personal trainers can earn credentials through a number of agencies & can work as fitness trainers without formal instruction or certification.

Education/Degrees –

  • May or may not have higher education if health sciences
  • May or may not be required to obtain certification or state licensing
  • May or may not participate in continuing education
  • May become certified by any one of numerous organizations that set varying education & practice requirements

What they do –

  • Assess fitness needs & design appropriate exercise regimens
  • Work w/ clients to achieve fitness goals
  • Help educate the public on the importance of physical activity
  • Work in health clubs, wellness centers & other locations where fitness activities take place
Athletic Training Staff
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