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For access to MackinVIA's online resources click on the MackinVIA widget below and enter Sandia High School, then click on it from the dropdown menu. Now login with your APS school id and password.

Click on the Library Catalog below and login to Destiny Discover with your student ID and school password. 

Library Catalog

Book Suggestions

Do you have a book suggestion or two for new titles you would like to see added to the Sandia High School Library? Here is your opportunity to give your input! Login with your school ID and your regular school password to fill out the form here and give us your ideas! 


HOmework help

Do you need help with homework?

This applies to VIRTUAL assignments!

Tutoring and homework help is available online from 2-11 p.m. daily through the Brain Fuse Help Now Live Tutoring Site that is provided by the NM State Library.

BrainFuse HelpNow

How to Change My Password

Sign-in to your APS Google account using your student ID and your school password to view the Google Slideshow with information about changing your password. 

Everyone must change their password at least once a year. You can do this when you receive a message at login that says your password has expired. Click "ok" and then type a new password two times. The new password MUST meet all the criteria. View the slideshow for specific details. 

Welcome to the Library

The Book Club is reading...

The Freedom Writers Diary book cover

Book Review on GoodReads

eBooks and Audio Books
Books sitting on a rock wall with lavender sprig on top
Bitmoji of Ms. Smith at her desk

Can't wait to see you in the library! Until then, I hope you will find your way around our virtual library! 

Librarian carrying a stack of books
Curbside Pickup News

Our curbside pickup for print library books has been suspended until further notice. eBooks and digital audiobooks are available in our MackinVIA and Destiny Discover eLibraries. Please call the library if you would like book recommendations or have questions about how to access our eBooks and audiobooks. We are happy to help! 

Library Staff
Contact Donna Smith  Donna Smith (505) 294-1511 ex: 30101 Head Librarian

Library Hours
The Virtual Library is always open! 

You may call the library during the regular school day. 

Online Resources

Library Google Classroom

Join the Virtual Library Classroom


Code: gcfn3di


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Book club

Do you love reading books? Do you love discussing the books you read with friends?

Join our Virtual Book Club. Join the Virtual Library Classroom for details. Code gcfn3di

We are reading Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell

Book Returns

Books may now be returned to Sandia during our Curbside Pickup each Tuesday from 2-3:00 in the senior parking lot. Please return any library books that you have from our Sandia library. 

Reading Options

 If you are looking for online reading options, our virtual library contains eBooks and audiobooks that can be accessed through computers, phones, and tablets.

Go to to login with your student ID number and your regular school password. Choose Sandia High School, Albuquerque, NM as the location. The MackinVIA reader is a free APP that can be added to your phone to listen to digital audio books or read eBooks. We have over 2,000 eBooks in our MackinVIA library.

Destiny Discover is another digital library that also has a free APP for your phone. Check a book out from Destiny Discover and read it using the app called Destiny Reader. Login with your student ID and regular school password. Happy virtual reading!