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Spring Tryouts for the 2020-2021 Spirit Teams will be announced Spring 2020. Please check back!

Spirit Team

Varsity Cheerleading & Las Toreras Drill/Dance Teams

Important Information for the 2019-2020 Spirit Team:

Please sign up for the following Remind 101 according to your specific team:

Varsity Cheer: Text @shsch19 to the number 81010

Las Toreras Drill/Dance Team: Text @ltdt1920 to the number 81010

All Spirit Team Parents: Text @sppar1920 to the number 81010


Monday, August 19 @ 2:45pm in the Activities Office. We will be doing a fitting and handing out important paperwork.

Thursday, August 22 @ 5:00pm in the SHS cafeteria - This is a MANDATORY meeting for new team members AND parents. 

Welcome to the 2019/2020 Teams............................. Fall Tryout Results
Varsity Cheer           Las Toreras Drill/Dance
Brandy Bennett Erica Canales
Isabella Herrera Faith Dye
Rubi Vargas Rosely Epperson
  Zada Fleming
  Emma Jiron
  Lynnea Knudson
  Mia Lyons


Varsity Cheer


Varsity Las Toreras Drill/Dance Team 


Lilliana Abbott
Lauren Blea Demiana Baldonado
Madeleine Budagher  
Lauren Camfield Madison Calhoun
Rosalin Chavez Natalie Calt
Ashley Dunn Tiffany Chau
Mckenna Guidice Jazmin Chavez
Alexis Gutierrez Kayann Cordova
Madison Lucas Jane Dilworth
Myka Martinez Mary Dilworth
Elyse McWethy

Lily Edgeington

Lauren Nagyvary Adah Gonzales
Gaillynn Patten Alex Herrera
Saniah Ravenna McKenzie Jaramillo
Madeline Reed Emerson Johnson
Jordyn Suber N'dria Jones
Charisse Ventura Gabrielle Martinez
  Leilani McCowan
  Kylie Sanchez-Hiner
  Alexey Terrazas
  McKenzie Woodley
Varsity Cheer Game Team                                                   
Raquel Archuleta  
Kate Hatfield  
SHS Spirit

2019-2020 OFFICERS

Varsity Cheer Captains:

Elyse McWethy

Saniah Ravenna 

Jordyn Suber


Las Toreras Captains:

Madison Calhoun

Jane Dilworth


Varsity Cheer Lieutenants:

Alexis Gutierrez

Lauren Nagyvary


Las Toreras Lieutenants:

Lily Edgeington

McKenzie Woodley


Las Toreras Secretary:

McKenzie Jaramillo


Varsity Cheer Activity Leader:

Charisse Ventura


Las Toreras Activity Leader:

Lilliana Abbott

SHS Spirit