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Policies and Procedures

Library Policies and Procedures Questions and Answers

How long can I keep a book?

Books may be checked out for 3 weeks. After that you can renew them if you need more time. Fines are  5 cents a day per book for every day they are overdue.


How many books can I have at a time?

We suggest you check out 1 or 2 books at a time. Bring them back and get more as often as you like! For projects or research purposes you may check out 5 books at a time.


What about Reference Books?

Reference books are usually large, heavy, full of excellent information, and quite expensive. You may check these out when using them for a specific class assignment. See the librarian for details.


How much do COLOR copies cost?

Fortunately, you are able to print color copies for free as long as copies are for SCHOOL purposes and you do not abuse the privilege. (Other high schools charge up to 25 cents per copy!) Good reminders:

  • Do not print double sided if images are for posters.
  • Do not print copyright protected images without permission and correct citations. (Use IMAGEQUEST to be safe.)
  • To print in color you must click on "printer properties" and change the default from black/white to color. 
  • Choose "specialty print" on the copier keypad. Find your ID number and touch it to highlight. Now highlight the file you want to print and choose "print." 

Where do I sign in when I visit the library without my class?

Sign in on the computer at the circulation desk when you first enter the library. Fill out the Google Form and hit the blue “submit” button. Show the librarian or aide your pass from a teacher.


Can I talk in the library?

Yes! But we ask that you only talk loud enough for the people at your table to hear you. At the computer stations, please talk quietly because others are working around you on papers and online course assignments.


Can I play games, watch videos, or listen to music on the library computers?

IF you are in the library because you don’t have a scheduled class, and you don’t have class assignments then yes, you may play NON-violent games on the computers, watch school appropriate videos, or listen to music. However, if there are students waiting for computers for class assignments, you may be asked to give up your computer until another one becomes available. Also, you will need to use earbuds so you don’t disturb those around you.


I forgot my earbuds, can I check out headphones from the library?

Yes! The library has headphones you can check-out with your student i.d. for use in the library. You may not take them out of the library, however.


Does the library have board games I can use?

Yes! The library has chess, checkers, Sorry, Boggle, Gravity Maze, Scrabble, and Blokus. You may use these in the library.


Are food and drinks allowed in the library?

No. Please place food and drinks on the cart at the entrance of the library. Please remember to pick them up as you leave. You may have water bottles with lids in the library. 


The library is one of the few places on Sandia's campus that has carpet. For this reason, we want to keep the carpet clean and unstained. 


This doesn’t usually happen in the Sandia Library, but can the librarian ask me to leave the library?

The library is a privilege. You may be asked to leave for the following behaviors:

  • Using offensive language
  • For eating or drinking in the library after a reminder to put food/drinks on cart in foyer
  • For not being in dress code
  • For loud, destructive, or disruptive behavior
  • For accessing inappropriate sites