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Registration on August 7th and 8th is for preregistered students only.

New Student Registration is Friday, August 10th from 8 am - 1 pm in the old library/testing center

Phase 1: Beginning in 2018, Phase 1 of Registration can be completed online using ParentVue. Visit the APS Enrollment page to learn about immunization, proof of address requirements and how to use ParentVue to enroll your student. If you do not complete this process prior to coming in on August 7th or 8th, you will be required to do it here.

Phase 2: After completing the registration online, you will still need to attend Phase 2 of Registration. We strongly suggest that you take advantage of early ID's in order to speed up the process on the day of registration. Please bring the following documents to registration with you:

  • 2 proofs of residency

  • Immunization Records (if needed)

  • Money to pay for outstanding fines

Early ID’s 

Wednesday July 25th    10am-2pm

Thursday July 26th           10am-2pm


Tuesday August 7th        12th Grade      8am-11am

  Tuesday August 7th        10th Grade      11am-2pm
  Wednesday August 8th     11th Grade        8am-11am
  Wednesday August 8th  9th Grade         11am-2pm
Jump Start Thursday August 9th      9th Grade                1pm-2:30pm



Agenda's, Student ID's

Agendas will be handed out at Phase 2 of Registration.

Athletic Physicals

PE Uniforms

PE Uniforms will be available for purchase during Phase 2 of Registration.


PE uniforms are REQUIRED for ALL PE classes and will be available for purchase during registration.

$10 for shirt and $10 for shorts.

Freshman PE: red shorts and blue shirts.

Upperclassman/Electives (yoga, weight training, team and individual sports, and lifetime sports): gray shorts and red shirt. 

This Is a new requirement for upper level physical education classes.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits will be available for purchase during Phase 2 of Registration


Counselors will be available on Wednesday, July 25 and Wednesday, August 1 from 8 - 1.

Please note that all course selections are final. Schedule changes will only be made for the following reasons:

  1. Completion of summer school coursework.
  2. Failed course from previous semester.
  3. Changing to a course with a higher degree of difficulty in the same subject area (if space is available).
  4. Need to fulfill a graduation requirement.

All schedule changes must be complete within the first 10 days of the semester. A class dropped after that time will result in a W/F for the course. 

Important Dates

Open Registration


First Day of School

August 13, 2018

Open House