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Varsity Coach:

Megan Holland

Assistant Varsity Coach:

Brenda Baeza

JV Coach:

Dynah Smith

C Team Coach:

Grant Squier

Volleyball Home

 UPDATE!!! (3/4/2021)

Good morning!

After a lot of careful consideration, we have decided to OPT OUT of participating in the 3 week fall sports season.  

Please know this was not an easy decision, but we feel like this is the best decision for the health and safety of our players, their families and our families as well.  We are fortunate to have a majority of our players participate in club.  With that, many of our players and players from competing schools are participating in out of state tournaments during the 3 week period and we are concerned with the outside contact of others that do not follow our state health protocols. 

With the limited time and restrictions given, ability of having only Varsity participate, and the possibility of competing in 2 matches...we did not feel  it made sense to take such a risk.  As much as we miss seeing the girls and being on the court with them, we hope to do so when it can be conducive to a safer and more "normal" environment. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Megan Holland

Head Volleyball Coach/PE  & Yoga Teacher

Sandia High School